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Square and Mini Business Cards

Square and mini business cards. out swag your competition!


    Attention small business owners or marketing managers, don't you worry about carrying your cards around with you anymore! With our Business Card Square Mini, you'll have a great marketing tool that can be carried around in your wallet. It's perfect for trade shows, conferences, networking events, and any other business interactions that call for swag.

    To stand out in an increasingly competitive world, you need to have something that does just that, stands out. The Business Card Square Mini is a perfect way to do just that. With its unique shape and ability to be printed on many different materials, this product is sure to make your company memorable.

    We created the perfect business card for your business. It features a unique shape and size, making it stand out from the rest. Consider adding this to your marketing arsenal because it's a low-cost, high-impact way to get your name out there.

    Keep it square and keep it mini with our square and mini business cards. Our square and mini business cards are a great little addition to your marketing, especially with how square-friendly the internet is with mobile screens. Plus, these low-cost, small, handy, and easy-to-store cards can go anywhere. Your business can shine with this product.

    Artwork Requirements

    Bleed3mm All Round
    Safe Zone3mm
    Resolution300 dpi minimum
    FontsOutlined or Embedded
    Mini Business Cards
    Mini Business Cards

    Downloads and Files

    Mini Business Card Templates2.8mb
    Square Business Card Templates5.7mb