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How to design the perfect takeaway menu!

How to design the perfect takeaway menu

When it comes to takeaway menus the main aim is to ensure that your customers are tempted to place an order.

But if you are an expert in creating delicious meals, then chances are that you won't be an expert in creating take away menus. As an expert printing company, that has helped many restaurants with their takeaway menu printing, we have put together our guide to making sure that you don't fall down at the first hurdle. By following our tips, you can design a takeaway menu that is going to have plenty of customers ordering a delivery from you.

Include some great photos of your amazing food

Food relies hugely on visual advertising, after all, if something looks delicious then a customer is much more likely to order it. So, it really pays to have some quality photos of your dishes. Pick the most colourful and mouth watering options and include them on the menu. A sure fire way to encourage people to try your food.

Have all the information they need to make an order

Ordering a takeaway should be easy. Make sure that you include everything a customer would need to know before they order. Have a set delivery radius? Make it known. Don't take card over the phone? This is definitely something that they need to know. If you include an ability to order and collect from you, then make sure you have your address on the menu so they know where to go.

Make everything clear and easy to read

Whilst you may think that a fancy font looks great on paper, think about how easy it is for your customers to read it? It is no good having text that no-one can understand, so space everything out and make sure that you use a clear font that won't need you to squint to read it.

The special offers should always be special

Proud to offer your customers a special offer or a set menu? You should try to make these nice and bold so that they are noticed. Why not have them in a bolder text, or perhaps put a box around them to make them really stand out against the rest of the menu.

Have headers to break up the text

You will want to make sure that your customers know which dishes are starters and which are mains. Some customers will want to pick out vegetarian dishes. By having clear headers that stick out from the rest of your takeaway menu, your customers can easily see the different things that are on offer. This is great for those looking for particular things, and will also make sure that your menu is neat and tidy.

Remember after taking the time to design your menu, you should make sure that you have a professional company that specialises in takeaway menu printing. By doing this you will have menus that you are proud to send out to promote your business.