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6 Eye-Catching Print Marketing Ideas

6 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Printed materials are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers. Check out these print marketing ideas that work for small businesses.

It's hard to believe but business cards have existed since the 15th century. The Chinese used visiting cards to announce their arrival for a meeting. Other ancient Chinese print marketing ideas probably didn't include branded stress toys.

Printed materials are a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers. There are some great ideas for getting your brand out there. They don't have to be expensive either so suit any marketing budget.

Check out these print marketing ideas that work for small businesses.

1. Business Cards

There's a good reason why the Chinese used visiting cards. They are an opportunity to create a big impact with a small object of beauty. The Chinese used beautiful calligraphy but now the design options are limited only by your imagination.

Business cards are very sharable. Give them away in small piles so people can give them away to colleagues or keep them in multiple places. Give them away at meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and even pop them into letters for a longer lasting reminder.

The design options include folded cards. You can use this as a mini brochure or show some great photography. Don't just think, name and number.

Building contacts with other businesses and individuals are often as important as direct customer contact. Don't attend a networking event without a business card to hand out. These contacts might help you solve your biggest business challenge, open up a fabulous opportunity or just make a great friend.

A business card, placed into someone's hand, creates both a visual and a tactile impact. Use glossy or soft-touch finishes to re-enforce this. You are creating a multi-sensory link in the prospective client's mind to you and your business.

2. Posters

Large formal posters are a great option for small businesses. They can be printed in small runs and make a big impact. Use them in your showroom, store or window.

Posters can be a great asset for exhibitions, trade shows or network events. They can make a big statement about your business or event. If you need to carry a large amount of information such as product lists, tables or terms and conditions a poster is a flexible option.

3. Flyers

We all use the internet for searching for information and digital is a massive marketing opportunity. Even so, small and medium-sized businesses still do allot of business face to face with customers.

Asking them to search for the information they need on the internet is one certain way of losing lots of customers.

A simple brochure or flyer with essential information is a great asset. They allow you to present information immediately and they can take it away and refer to it later. Use it for product and service details, pricing and the all-important contact details.

4. Display Materials

Display materials are a truly multi-purpose marketing product. They can be used in so many ways.

  • Branding for an exhibition stand
  • Conference or speaker backdrop
  • Corporate messaging in your office or store

One of the most flexible examples is the roller banner. This high impact yet easily stored banner can come in a version with replaceable graphics. This means you can change it whenever you have a new message or use.

Just pull up the large image from the stable, lightweight base and you have an instant branded sign. Use several together for a greater impact such as a speaker backdrop or exhibition stand.

Outdoor locations may not be great for the roller banner but there is a more suitable option. Teardrop or crest flags come in various sizes. They can carry a large impactful display and are suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.

The double-sided versions of these flags have an all-around impact. They are not as awkward to handle as you might think as their aluminum construction means they are both strong and light.

With the right graphics, your customers will have no problem finding you.

5. Loyalty Cards and Menus

If you are a takeaway, caf? or restaurant you need loyal customers. Many large chains have loyalty cards. They serve to build repeat business and are a constant reminder of your brand in your customers' purse or wallet.

Loyalty cards are great for smaller businesses too. Marking the card every time your customer buys a coffee is a way of building a relationship. It's an opportunity to chat, smile and occasionally celebrate a loyal customer with a free cup of coffee.

You need to share your menu with customers. Designing and printing a great menu helps your customers get what they want. Look at some menus and you will be amazed at how many are difficult to follow.

Use photography. Provide useful information in a clear and easy to navigate way. Help your customer choose your food.

6. Calendars

How would you feel if you could get your business name and contact details on your customers' desk 365 days a year? That would be great marketing. Provide your customers with a useful desk calendar and you will achieve just that.

You can showcase your products, be arty or just have pictures of cute kittens. Whatever you think will get your handy calendar on to the desk. And don't forget, you'll have your contact details there too.

Get Creative with Your Print Marketing Ideas

In the age of digital, print marketing ideas are not history. We still do business with people and we need to interact in a memorable and meaningful way. Print marketing ideas are limited only by your imagination.

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